Life Style, Attitude and Consumption of Health Supplements during the Covid-19 lockdown: A study of

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Ms. Harshali Bhalerao, et. al.


The SARs- COV2 or corona virus infection has contributed to major lifestyle changes for every individual. Protection against this, or any other virus is offered both by precautionary measures like cleanliness and sanitization and improvement of body’s immune system. World Health Organization and Ministry of AYUSH has recommended several measures to boost up the immunity power. In this context, the Government and Medical Association has recommended use of health supplements to enhance immune system. This study aims to understand the awareness and consumption of health supplements by people in this pandemic situation and the various measures undertaken to boost immune system. Data was collected through a structured questionnaire and was analysed with the help of statistical tools. The data was initially analysed using Frequency Distribution Methods. Further analysis of data using relevant statistical tests is in process and would be presented in subsequent studies. Data analysis showed that showed that during the pandemic the food habits, sleep pattern and lifestyle of the respondents had changed considerably. Respondents have become more health conscious, are aware of health supplements and are more inclined towards consuming Ayurvedic preparations. 

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