Semiotics of the monetary thresholds of Hamad Mahmoud Dokhi

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Shaker Ajeel Sahi Al-Hashimi


Academic research has dealt with the placement of textual thresholds in the poetic text in particular and has given it great importance if we compare that with other literary texts (novel, story, theatre... etc.) because the poetic text is the most suitable literary text for the threshold structure being a detailed text, i.e. It is more detailed in the construction than the novel, for example, and I do not mean in detail the details. Rather, I meant that the poetic text is more rapid in moving from one situation to another during writing within the text because of its enjoyment - the poetic text - from an interpretative aspect that is not available, to the same degree, For other literary texts. The textual threshold in monetary is more complex than in literature (poetry and others) because it is required to lay lines of communication between its work in the monetary field in which it is presented and its occupation in the literary field that this monetary deals with. The monetary threshold of Dr Hamed Mahmoud Al-Dokhi was of great importance, as he harnessed all possible technical capabilities and technologies to demonstrate their value to what he accomplished in terms of distinguished monetary achievement.

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