The Metaphorical Image by the Poets of Al-Jaffa In the era of Tawa'ifs' Kings (422-284)

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Hanan Alwan Aziz Hammadi,


The metaphorical image is a major component of the language structure in general, and the poetry pattern in particular. It is an important element in the overall construction of the poem. It has gained great importance through its study of poetic texts, methods of their construction, the means of their formation, and a statement that distinguishes this poet from others. The use of metaphor has had a distinct feature in ancient and modern studies, which is one of the important rhetorical aspects, and was more present among the poets of estrangement during the era of the kings of the Tawa'if. Accordingly, the light in this research has been shed on the metaphorical imageand its theoretical framework and we have deeply investigated this concept and its definitions in the critical books, and the space for dealing with it in the text. And because of the importance of the metaphorical image and its great role in revealing the components and potentialities of the human soul, and conveying it to the recipient with its influence and shadows, the procedural aspect was relied upon and stopped at the most present types of the era, and this interest relied on the depths of linguistic, rhetorical and literary writings on which poetry is based. The general and metaphorical image has an effective specificity and a large and active presence in the poetry of poets in the era of Tawa'if.

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