Evaluation Program Ma’had Ali Using Evaluation Model Of Countenance Stake

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Fadil, et. al.


This Research Aims To Find Out The Comparison Of Evaluation Result Of Intense And Observation Stage In All Components Of Ma’had Ali Program. This Research Is Conducted In Di Ma’had Ali Al Hikmah 2 Sirampok Brebes, Central Java And Ma'had Ali Salafiyah Syafi'iyah Situbondo. Evaluation Model Used Is Countenance Stake Model. The Components Of Ma’had Ali Program Evaluated, Including: Antecedent, Transaction, Outcome. Research Respondents Include 101 Students, 34 Alumnus And 25 Lecturers And Ma’had Ali Staff Program. The Data Is Collected By Using Questionnaire, Interview And Documentation As Support Data. The Result Finding Show That The Result Of Evaluation Analysis Of Intense And Observation Stage Obtained The Result As Follow: 1) There Is A Difference Of Evaluation Result Between Intense And Observation, Both In Antecedent, Transaction And Outcome Phase In Several Indicators, 2) There Is A Congruence Between Intense And Observation, Only In Several Indicators That Are Not Congruence, There Are Two Indicators In Antecedent, While In Transaction And Outcome Phase There Is Only One Indicator In Each Of Them Which Is Not Congruent, 3) The Relation Of Contingency Among Antecedent, Transaction And Outcome, There Is A Decreasing And Increasing Point, But In Evaluation Point Of Matrix Is Still Categorized Good.  

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