Role and Functions of Special Teacher to Special Education Children

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Niraj Kumar Vedpuria, et. al.


As a special educator you will come in contact with and be responsible for the educational needs of children with a wide range of disabilities. These children will also require a variety of different services, modifications and accommodations in their educational experiences. Education is a powerful instrument of social change, Development and often initiates upward movement in the social structure. There by helping to bridge the gap between the different sections of society. Objectives: This study focused on the education of children with disability by examining the challenges faced by teachers who teach disabled children and how they try to overcome these challenges. There have been faced many problems in teaching children with multiple disability in SSA Schools of Patna District. Method: The present study is descriptive in nature and based on interview schedule method. The study involves both primary and secondary data. Results: The Study reveals the findings are Lack of support, Lack of Special Educator, Lack of parental involvement, Lack of resources, Excessive paper work.

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