Development of Remedial Program in Science and the Its Strategies in Public and Private School in Northern Samar

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Jeselle L. Sacaben - Aquino


Remedial teaching is meant to cater to the needs of children unable to keep pace with the teaching-learning process in a normal classroom. It aims to strengthen the attainment of basic competencies of children to commensurate with their class/age. In this study, the researcher utilized a survey questionnaire as the primary instrument. The study was conducted in twenty (20) public and private secondary schools in Northern Samar selected based on the results of the National Achievement Test (NAT). The findings showed that the extent of remedial teaching practices in the secondary schools are extensive. On the students’ perception, the remedial teaching practice of their teachers are also extensive. The proposed remediation program contains eleven (11) remedial teaching strategies or practices. Teachers should continue practicing remedial classes to poor learners in Science by conducting Saturday classes and organizing reading and Science clubs.

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