A Study on Smartphone Usage among the Adolescents and Its Influence on the Academic Performance

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Dr. Gayatree Goswamee, et. al.


Smartphone in the 21st century is a digitally enhanced device and interface carrying a compressed operating system of its own and capable of performing complex operations. A particular section of the society which has been highly influenced by the widespread reach of Smartphone is the adolescents. They are very prone to Smartphone use and the easy accessibility that the present century provides makes it very convenient for the adolescents. Though the use of Smartphone has serious consequences too. The excessive usage influences the academics resulting in poor performance in the academics. The study aimed to find out the Smartphone use and its influence on the academic performance of the adolescents. For the present study the researcher has used Descriptive Survey Method. A sample of 200 adolescent boys and girls studying in class IX in the schools affiliated to the CBSE curriculum were selected for the study. Self structured interview schedule was used o collect the requisite data and information from the students. Simple percentage, t-Test, Chi-square test were applied to analyse and interpret the data.  

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