Social Organization as an Agent of Psycho-Social Wellbeing of Adolescents

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Kasturi Das , et. al.


Psychosocial wellbeing is a state which facilitates an individual to make balanced adjustment with the environment and its components. Now a day’s issues related to psycho-social wellbeing among adolescents are very high and rising. Adolescents in present day are facing lots of problems and many pressures as compared to the older generation. Hence, the present study was carried out to explore the psycho-social issues and factors related to psycho-social wellbeing among the adolescents. The researcher also enquired about psycho-social intervention programmes provided by the social organizations. The sample of the present study consists of 40, selected from 10 social organization of Hajo revenue circle using purposive sample technique. A self-structured interview schedule was used as a tool for data collection. The data were analysed using percentage. The findings of the study reveal that moodiness, temper tantrums, lying, stress, adjustment problem, aggressive behaviour are the common adolescents’ problems and disorganization of family, school, society, peer group, attraction to the opposite sex have adversely affected psycho- social wellbeing of adolescents. The members of the social organizations help the adolescents in psycho-social wellbeing by organizing some intervention programmes.


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