Human Resource Development: The Way of Working in the Digital Age of Thailand

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Bangorn Benjathikul


The research on Human Resource Development: The Way of Working in the Digital Age of Thailand is the qualitative research. The in-depth interview was made with 12 key informants who had passed the purposive selection from the government administrators in the policy level and the executives in the private sector involving in the human resource development. They have good knowledge and relevance in this matter using in-depth interview. The research result reveal that the corporate culture which is the core value in the digital age includes social responsibility with the emphasis on sustainable development from CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) values towards CSV (Creating Shared Value). Learning in the digital age can be made by developing the potential of life. Learning appropriately in the digital age is learning through social media. Technological competence is the ability to learn skills that are relevant to the transformation of Automation or the AI Environment. The skill required in the future is the Intuition which arises from the accumulation of experience used to make decisions when having to encounter the complex and uncertain conditions. The need for self-improvement can be made by training and learning to increase the ability to use information technology with more quality. The limitless self-learning style can fully be done anytime and anywhere from online courses.

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