Female Power Relations in Philippa Gregory’s Novel: A Case Study of The Other Boleyn Girl

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Nattawirot Mahayot, et. al.


This qualitative research aims to identify female power relations in the historical novel “The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory using Antonio Gramsci’s concept of hegemony. The study reveals female power relations in various dimensions including: the first dimension is superstructure of those who have the power to build a power relation for dominate base structure with historic bloc to create a complete power relation by taking over the two social structures. The second dimension are civil society and political society which hegemonic achievement comes into existence when control of two areas of the superstructure. The third dimension are a war of movements refers to coercion and physical struggle to occupy the highest status for women and war of position is a way to establish power relations by means a slow displacement of old values with alternative institutions, new methods of learning, and new class. The fourth dimension is hegemonic apparatuses which is a hegemonic apparatus is an important instrument for hegemonic achievement and the last dimension is counter- hegemony for hegemony is not completely achieved.

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