Thai Pronunciation: Problems and Solutions to Improve Speaking Skills in Ethnic Student Teachers

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Pongsakorn Sommit, et. al.


This article aimed to study the problem of speaking Thai language among ethnic group of students, develop a method of second language learning and teaching, analyze the solution method of Thai pronunciation problems among ethnic learners and propose a conceptual framework of problem solving models for Thai pronunciation of ethnic student teachers as a guideline to improve their speaking skills in the standard Thai language format. The results showed that the problem of Thai speaking in ethnic groups was mainly due to difficulties in pronunciation to consonants, vowels, and intonation marks. There were 4 types of influences by the native language; unmatched sounds between the native language and the standard Thai language, sound replacement, sound muting and pronunciation addition. These were obstacles for ethnic student teachers who needed to use standard Thai language for teaching as it directly affected the role model image when they encountered Thai speaking difficulties, causing lack of speech confidence and courage in public speaking and led to becoming social isolated. The Thai speaking solution model for ethnic student teachers would be an effective guideline to help ethnic student teachers speak Thai correctly.

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