Investigation of Prospective women teacher’s Cognitive style in terms of different variables

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A. Suryalatha


Cognitive style is a hypothetical construct developed to explain the process of mediation between stimuli and responses. The term cognitive style refers to the characteristics ways in which individuals conceptually organize the environment. Cognitive styles have more recently been defined as "individual differences in processing that are integrally linked to a person's cognitive style; they are a person's preferred way of the processing; they are partly fixed, relatively stable and possibly innate preferences" (Peterson, Rayner, & Armstrong, 2009). The present study was conducted to investigate the cognitive style of prospective women teachers concerning their background variables. The investigator has selected 350 future women teachers from the Coimbatore district. A simple random sampling technique has been used to collect the sample. For collecting data, the investigator has used the Cognitive Style Inventory (CSI) constructed and standardized by Praveen Kumar Jha in 2001. For result analysis, the t' test has been used. Upon verifying the hypothesis, a significant difference has been found between Cognitive Styles among Prospective women teachers due to variation in their type of institution, locality of residence.

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