Predictors of attitudes towards substance use amonguniversity students in Jordan

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Sarah Al-jafreh, Ayman M. Hamdan-Mansour, Dana D. Alabeiat


Purpose: to explore whether a set of sociodemographic and psychological factors predict attitudes toward substance use among university students in Jordan.
Methods: A predictive explorative approach was used. Data collected from 405 university students using self-administered questionnaire.
Results: In general, students had marginal positive attitudes toward substance use. Family history of psychiatric illness found to be a risk factor (B = - 1.89, = .01),
while perceived social support from friends found to be a protective factor (B = .11, = .015).
Conclusion: Family history of psychiatric illness and perceived social support from friends are significant predictors of attitudes toward substance use indicating the
importance of assessing such factors by mental health counselor at academic settings.

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