Consumer Adoptionof Green Marketing Using Utaut Model- A Study With Refernce To Millennial

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Dr. Krity GulatiDr, et. al.


Introduction: In Today’s Environment, Sustainable Development Has Become A Key Issue And “Green” Is The New Buzz. The Government Is Framing Various Laws & Regulations To Protect Environment At Large. With Respect To That, Various Private And Public Organizations Has Also Joined The Momentum. The Green Marketing Avenues Are Developed On The Basis Of People, Planet & Profit. The Paper Intends To Identify Awareness Level Of Millennials Towards The Green Marketing Activities And To Understand The Adoption Of Green Marketing By Millennials.


Methodology: Utaut Model Is Used For The Study. The Study Is Based On Primary And Secondary Data With Millennials As Sample Unit And Sample Size Of 281 Across The Country. The Responses Are Analyzed Applying Exploratory Factor Analysis.

Implications: In Today’s Marketing Era The Companies Are Investing And Evolving Their Orientations Towards Green. It Will Be An Edge To The Marketers To Acknowledge The Inclination Of Youth Towards The Green Priorities. The Return On Investment Is A Must To Know For The Marketers And The Paper Will Help In Assessing The Anticipated Responses.

As Per The Research, The Focus Should Be On Communicating The Value Through Focus On Campaigns Promoting Green Products, And Using The Raw Material That Are Helpful In Safeguarding The Environment In The Production Process.

Findings:  The Awareness Level About Green Marketing Practices Was Found High Among The Millennials. The Study Resulted In Extraction Of Six Factors Influencing Green Behavioral Intentions. The Findings Are Supportive To The Assumptions Of The Study. 

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