Multilingual Media Exposure and Translation Competence of Students: Their Implications to Pedagogical Practices

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Dr. Herminia N. Falsario, Dr. Genalyn L. Moscaya, Noel E. Noche


The study was conducted to determine the extent of multilingual media exposure and the translation competence of future teachers, the BSED students taking a translation subject required for English and Filipino majors.  Generally, the study used the descriptive-correlational method. Descriptive statistics were mean and standard deviation while the inferential statistics was Pearson’s r set at 0.05 significance level. Results revealed that as a whole and when classified as to major, the respondents’ multilingual media exposure was of “High Extent” for both English and Filipino and of “Moderate Extent” for the Local Dialect. For translation competence as a whole and when classified as to major, the respondents had the “High Translation Competence” for the three media: English, Filipino and the Local Dialect.  Media exposure was positively correlated to translation competence. Therefore, exposure to multilingual media has a positive impact on translation competence because as the extent of exposure goes higher so does the level of translation competence.

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