Training Model Based On Exercise Assistance On Smash Kedeng Sepak Takraw Skills In Pontianak City Athletes, What Impact?

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Wiwik Yunitaningrum, A Sofyan Hanif, Yusmawati, Rusdi, Whalsen Duli Agus Lauh, Anggry Dwi Nata


The aimed to see how training models used tools to break abilities affected Pontianak city athletes. The Research method was used Experimental research with 40 subjects. Data were collected through a preliminary test of smash ability. Data interpretation and hypothesis showed two-sample assumption with equal variances with a significance degree = 0.05. The results of the study received a t-count of 9.67 with a t-distribution table at a meaningful stage () = 5% and a table of 2.101. It is equivalent to t-count> t-table, 2.0101. In the study, there is a gap in the performance of the smash abilities in the post-test and pretest. Sixty-four percent. The calculation of win score using a simulation model focused on training aids yields a 31.64 percent impact on the potential to smash.

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