Bombo, Torotot, Tatsing, Ragadak: An Exploration into Funeral Band Members’ Lived Experiences

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Nino M. Legaspi, MPA, Loriedee D. Bentula, Ph.D.


This study is a phenomenological investigation which attempted to borrow the funeral band members’ experiences and their reflections towards their personal journey. Specifically, this study explored the funeral band members’ lived experiences as well as the benefits they can offer to the bereaved family. To obtain the data needed, this qualitative phenomenological research used a researcher-made questionnaire and limited face-to-face, semi-structured interviews. Data was analyzed using thematic analysis with the goal of identifying and reporting patterns in the form of themes within the given data set.  Braun and Clark’s Thematic Analysis was employed to examine the data, in which four themes emerged for “lived experiences” and these are (a) A Form of Escape, (b) Economic subsistence, and (c) Solidarity in Culture. The same findings demonstrated the benefits that a funeral band can offer to the grieving family with the following themes: (a) Greater Positive Emotion, (b) Powerful Social Glue, and (c) Culture and Grief.

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