Instructional Directions for Foreign Students’ Productive Skills

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Maria Eden C. Zarate, EdD


This research examined at the English productive skills (speaking and writing) of foreign students at CPILS. The Japanese and Korean respondents' pre-test levels, as well as the differences in their speaking and writing skills, were examined. In this quantitative-qualitative analysis, fifteen Japanese and fifteen Korean students took part in a descriptive survey. The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) was used to assess their English pre-test standard level. They were all clustered in one room and took the IELTS tests simultaneously. A specialist in the field tested and assessed the responses on the Speaking and Writing tests using IELTS band descriptors. To translate the scores into individual band scores, the IELTS nine-band scale was used.

In the General Training Module, the Japanese and Korean respondents did not meet the required English Language Proficiency (band 6). Speaking, followed by writing, was regarded as their weakest ability.

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