Communication Models Comparisons: Tackling Approach for Corporate Communication

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Abdullah M. Alshanqiti, Mohamed O. Khozium


Communication is the process of interpreting, creating, and negotiating, which can be verbal, textual, visual, aural, or even physical. These kinds of communications are mandatory for operating any business or organization. Since we are in a digitally connected world, corporate communication is one of the critical factors determining whether companies thrive or fail. It impacts employees’ innovation, productivity, brand awareness, and more. And while being the sum of an organization's internal and external communication, it is mandatory to clarify the social process of communication. Accordingly, several models of communication had been developed. Each model has its own mechanism, advantage, and incompetence. This paper is shedding light on the importance of corporate communications for the prosperity of any institution while providing an in-depth review of those models of communication, comparing the points of strength and the limitations of each model. Such comparison will help determine the best Communication model to improve corporate communication and ameliorate the institution's repute. And accordingly, a conclusion on the importance and the choice of the most suitable model for either external or internal corporate communication will be provided.

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