Breaking Organizational Rules for a Reason: A Framework to deal with Prosocial Rule Breaking

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Tahir Masood Qureshi, Irfan Saleem, Sheraz Ahmed


Research Objectives: The purpose of this study is to theorize the direct and indirect connectivity of a leader’s high-performance expectations (HPEs) with personnel Pro-Social Rule Breaking (PSRB) in the light of the social exchange theory.

Design/Methodology/Approach: We used a systematic literature review technique to identify the critical role of employee pro-social rule-breaking at a workplace in response to the high-performance expectations exerted by the organizational leadership to propose a theoretical framework.

Key Observations: After exploring the detailed contents concerning resource conservation perspective, PSRB, HPEs, POS, and workplace stress, we proposed a mediated-moderation using three propositions: (1) workplace stress leaders to organizational PSRB; (2) High-performance expectations exerted by the organizational leadership positively but indirectly impacting personnel PSRB via workplace stress; (3) Perceived organizational support serves a moderator. 

Outcomes: lately, the taxonomy of high-performance expectations has gained increased attention. The current study closely takes up this issue by incorporating the resource conservation perspective. The proposed model is helpful for the academicians and practitioners associated with the fields of organizational behavior, sustainability management, and HR management. 

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