Career Path of Senior High School Graduates in the University of Northern Philippines

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Elmarie Rin, et. al.


Challenges in different paths await graduates as they continue their journey towards their goals in life. This study aimed to determine the career path of the 307 pioneer graduates of UNP-Senior High School. This study used the descriptive-correlational method of research. The profile of the graduates, career path, and the reasons of the career path were described. The relationship between the profile and the career path of graduates were, likewise, determined. The results showed that female senior high school graduates outnumbered males whose parents do not have professional work. Most of them were STEM graduates and were honor graduates who agreed that family and social media were the main sources of information. In addition, pursuing college education was the number one career path. Most of the students enrolled in college were aligned to their strands in the Senior High School. Students chose their career path because it was their personal preference. Furthermore, the profile of the graduates was not significantly related to their career path.

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