Teacher Certificate Program’s Content, Delivery and Assessment: A Curriculum Audit

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Jeremy Floyd L. Pedregosa, et. al.


Teaching is considered the noblest profession. It is therefore imperative that the teaching preparation program or the pre-service, including Teacher Certificate Program (TCP), offered by TEIs subscribe to the standards of the teaching profession. Thus, this paper led to the crafting of a quality assurance framework for the TCP. TCP is designed for non-education graduates who want to pursue a career in teaching. This study used the researchers’ developed curriculum audit research instrument which is based on the work of Wiggins and McTighe (2002). This study involved a total of 135 respondents (students = 93, teachers = 30, administrator = 12). Descriptive, comparative, and inferential processes of statistics were used to analyze the quantitative data. Furthermore, an interview with three school administrators and two students were conducted to support the results of the quantitative data. The data gathered revealed that TEIs require improvement in the articulation of the teaching standards and also in establishing or institutionalizing a quality curriculum control system that includes design, results, expert, peer, and external review process. Furthermore, the data gathered also revealed that there is a significant difference in the extent of demonstration of the teaching standards between the public and private TEIs offering TCP based on the assessment of the respondents. A policy and procedure framework was also crafted to serve as a basis for the implementation of the teaching standards for the TCP. This framework was crafted based on the results of the study.

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