Smart-School-In-A-Bag Using Dynamic Learning Program Pedagogy For DepEd Enhanced Alternative Learning System 2.0

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Naoemi N. Fuentes


The purpose of this study was to assess the effectiveness of the implementation of SMART-SCHOOL-IN-A-BAG (SIAB) and Dynamic Learning Program (DLP) teaching pedagogy in ALS instruction and to come up with recommendations to improve the program further. The Embedded mixed method was utilized with 13 ALS facilitators and 200 ALS learners from different ALS centers of the Department of Education-Division of Lapu-Lapu, Philippines. Data were collected via face-to-face interviews, observations, and survey questionnaires provided by Smart Communications Inc. through the universal sampling method for ALS facilitators and simple random sampling method for 200 ALS learners. Descriptive statistics for the quantitative data and MAXQDA 11 for the qualitative data were used to analyze the data of this study. The findings indicated the program's strengths, Facilitators agree that the DLP lessens their work and the SIAB program addresses the 21st-century learners. Furthermore, they agreed that technology is a useful resource that increased student engagement in the classroom. The results of the analysis showed the effectiveness and utilization of SIAB and DLP in ALS Instruction as a teaching tool. The program provides a user-friendly environment and suitable for all ages, as expressed by our respondents. It is a suitable tool and can be operated in an online or offline mode. Concerns on data connectivity can be address by offline learning materials downloaded to the gadgets deployed. It was suggested to implement and promote the transformation of learning and the development of 21st-century skills.

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