Board of Directors’ Busyness Following Multiple Appointments and Firm Performance of Indian Listed Firms

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Dr. Pankaj Sharma, et. al.


The effective corporate governance leads to economic value growth. Its efficacy depends on the board of directors’ nature to a large extent. The literature indicates on the features of busy directors’ focuses on two grounds mainly the reputation and the busyness. We found limited research establishing the relationship between firm’s value creation and the directors’ busyness.

The study attempts, to provide additional evidence by using multivariate regression method on the value of busy board of directors by examining their influence on wealth gains in firm performance. Additional motivation for this study appears from the fact that majority of study on busyness of director appears from US firms.

Thus, by using new data set from BSE-500 and adding different type of busyness and using board of directors as unit of analysis this study adds significantly to the literature.

The result indicates positive impact of busyness in most of the performance measure of the firm.


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