Facilitating Training Transfer of Patient Service Skills through Healthcare Learning Champion (HLC) Interventions

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Ramnath Dixit, et. al.


This paper aims to draw attention towards the necessity of post-training interventions like the Healthcare Learning Champion (HLC) to provide impetus to on-the-job application of service skills delivered in a classroom training programs. Insights were drawn using a mixed-method study involving survey questionnaire responses from trainees and semi-structured depth interviews from their respective Managers, to assess the viability of HLC interventions in ensuring effective transfer of service skills at the workplace. Investigations revealed that training transfer tools such as E-learning and Augmented Reality had a positive impact on training transfer of service skills and facilitated enhanced service delivery in hospitals. The intervention discusses the use of diverse tools including one-on-one coaching, Augmented Reality and E-learning to promote systematic transfer of trained skills and knowledge from classroom to the workplace. Ensuring effective training transfer of service skills in healthcare institutions will lead to excellence in patient services. Amelioration of healthcare training implementation will encourage healthcare personnel to serve patients better. Training interventions aimed at healthcare service providers should focus on both training its personnel and ensuring effective and efficient on-the-job application of learnings delivered during training programs, with a view to benefit the end customer

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