The Role of Electronic Ratings and Comments in Building Consumer Trends and Attitudes in the Medical Sector in Jordan

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Firas Jamil Al Otoum


The study aimed to identify the role of electronic ratings and comments in building trends and attitudes of the electronic consumer in the medical sector in Jordan, and the study followed the descriptive approach that is limited to collecting data and facts and using methods of measurement, classification and interpretation. The sample of the study consisted of (233) electronic consumers (Patients seeking treatment in Jordan). The sample members were chosen intentionally. Their comments and ratings were monitored on the Jordanian medical websites, and the research sample was restricted according to the nationality variable to (Jordanian, Arab, foreign). A questionnaire was applied to them that reveals the role of comments and ratings in building trends and attitudes of the e-consumer (the patient looking for a treatment destination), and the study concluded that there is a high role of the electronic ratings and comments in medical websites in Jordan in choosing and determining the direction of treatment, where the total mean came for this role (4.03), and it is located in a high degree, and accordingly, the researcher recommended the need to work on increasing the volume of information to include everything related to the inquiries of the electronic consumer (the patient looking for a treatment destination), with the need for workers on medical websites in Jordan to update information periodically, and ensuring that the outdated information is deleted, adding everything that is new and serving patients while following up on their comments and electronic ratings and responding to them.   

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