Local Wisdom Value In Indonesian Language Textbooks Of Junior High School

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Mekar Maratus Syarifah, et.al


Culture And Education Is Closely Interrelated. The Implementation Of Local Wisdom Or Cultural Values In The Realm Of Education Is Also Very Important. This Can Be Done Through The Provision Of Indonesian Language Textbook. This Study Aims To Explore The Value Of Local Wisdom In Indonesian Language Textbooks Of Junior High School. This Study Uses Document Analysis. The Data Source Is In The Form Of Indonesian Language Textbooks For Grade Vii, Viii, And Ix Of Junior High School, Published By The Ministry Of Education And Culture (Kementrian Pendidikan Dan Kebudayaan). The Data Of This Research Is In The Form Of  Local Wisdom Values ​​Contained In Indonesian Language Textbooks Of Junior High School. This Study Uses Content Analysis To Interpret Data Obtained Through Document Analysis. Content Analysis Can Be In The Form Of Qualitative And Quantitative. Qualitative And Quantitative Data Are Collected And Analyzed At The Same Time. This Design Is Useful For Confirming, Validating, And Corroborating Research Findings. Based On The Results Of The Analysis, It Was Found That Local Wisdom Values ​​Were Found Which Included (1) Local Knowledge, (2) Local Values, (3) Local Skills, (4) Local Resources, (5) Local Decision Making Mechanisms, And (6) Solidarity Local Group. Local Value Is The Most Dominant Data That Appears In The Analysis Results. While The Least Data Emerged Is Local Group Solidarity.

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