Study the reality of organizational intelligence for police game managers from the point of view of the physical training division trainers

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Saddam Ajib Hilo, et. al.


This study aims to identify the quality of decision-making for managers of police games in the physical training divisions and to come up with recommendations that increase attention to this aspect, in order to improve the level of manpower working in this organization in a way that contributes to the progress of the work of these institutions. The study is based on the descriptive approach using the survey method, and the questionnaire was used to explore the views of the study sample, which is made up of directors working in the physical training divisions, who numbered (60) managers. The researcher also recommended several conclusions, which are:

  1. A measure of the quality of decision-making was reached by directorates of police games and physical training divisions.

  2. The quality of decision-making has a big role for police game directorates and physical training people.

  3. The directorates must pay attention to the quality of decision-making to reach the required level of administrative competence

He also recommended several recommendations, namely:

  1. Working on the participation of highly qualified trainers and administrators regarding decisions.

  2. Paying attention to the means and methods that help officers develop capabilities in the ability to make good and sound decision-making and raise their standards.


A study of the organizational intelligence of police game managers from the point of view of physical training departments’ trainers

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