The Poetry of Al-Khidhir bin Abi Al-Afiya: Compilation, Documentation and Study

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Assist. Prof. Dr. Shaima Hato Feal Al-Bahadli


The research paves the way to collect the poetry of one of the poets of bani Al-Ahmar period whose poetry has been forgotten and ignored by studies in spite of their presence in some resources.  The poet Al-Khidhir bin Abi Al-Afiya is one of these poets. The researcher sheds light on the Andalusian poetry especially the poets of the period whose poetry was lost and ignored.  The research focuses on the poet to encourage other studies to take the poet and his work into consideration, and especially because many studies tackle already investigated areas and well-known poets. Thus, Andalusian literature needs scholars to focus on the great writers and poets who suffered from lack of attention. In this regard, the study is one of the few studies spotting light on this area to call the attention of other studies.

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