Dimensions of School Community Relationship: Issues and Concerns

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Dr. Muhammad Yunas, et. al.


One of the important areas in school administration is promoting cordial relationship with the community and involving it in school-based decisions. The involvement of community could best be achieved by forming parent-teacher council, school management committee and governing bodies, which is essential for support and owning these decisions. Parents’ role, being a member of community, in the school is vital. They support their child’s education by helping him in study at home, through communication with teacher, and by encouraging them.  Being a member of community they influence the directions of their child’s school. For this purpose, open communication should be maintained among the school, community and education department through letters, phone calls and notes as immediate responses and open door policy. The views of parents must be acknowledged, and working with them for the personal, social, and educational welfare of children through active consultation via planned meetings and informal opportunities.

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