Effect of Moral Emotions and Moral Identity on College Studentsí Academic Dishonesty: A Study in Universitas Indonesia

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Eva Septiana, Tjut Rifameutia, Lucia RM. Royanto


Academic dishonesty is a phenomenon that is detrimental to the development of student character because it affects the behavior of subsequent students in the community. This study aims to examine the influence of moral emotions, namely, shame, guilt, and hubris pride moderated by the moral identity of academic dishonesty in college students. This research was experimental research involving 189 college students from all faculties at Universitas Indonesia. The participants were asked to the perceived emotion scale after reading the shame, guilt, and hubris pride scenario, the Moral Identity Questionnaire, and the numerical matrix assignment. The results demonstrated that guilt had a significant effect on student academic dishonesty, moral identity had significant effect on student academic dishonesty, and moral identity acted as moderator on the influence between guilty emotions toward student academic dishonesty. The results of this study are valuable for universities that want to improve their assessment system and emphasize honesty as a value for students.

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