The implications of tools and techniques for project risk management in construction projects. A case of Public Authority of Roads and Transportations (PART) in the state of Kuwait

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Dr. Wafaa J. Baqer, Hani Jazza' Irtaimeh


This study is aimed to discuss the tools and methods used for projects related to construction sites in accordance with the schemes
under the risk management. The following research study is done in relation to the Public Authority of Roads and Transportations
for the State of Kuwait. To achieve the success of this research study, a descriptive analysis of the secondary data has been done.
Different articles and research works have opted that are related to this subject and proper analysis is done regarding the findings
of those studies. Furthermore, it has been evaluated that there is significant importance of using different tools and techniques of
risk management in the construction industry. Finally, there is seen to be a fractional effect of risk management in all its
dimensions of construction projects in the Public Authority of Roads and Transportation (PART) in the State of Kuwait.

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