An Exploratory Sequential Mixed Method Design to Discern Textuality Needs of Social Sciences’ Researchers of Pakistan

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Misbah Afsheen Khan, Prof. Dr. Mamuna Ghani


This study is an exploration-explanation based attempt to discern the textuality needs of Social
Sciences Researchers in Pakistan. At first, with QUAL-priority, the phenomenon of Social
Sciences Student Writers' textual incompetence was explored through a group discussion with
colleagues from Social Sciences Discipline. Their responses not only mirrored the current
situation of Social Sciences Researchers writing-up their dissertations/theses but also helped in
the development of the Needs Analysis Questionnaire sections: Target Situation Analysis,
Present Situation Analysis and The Textuality Course. The sample of Senior and Junior
Researchers studying in the discipline of Social Sciences was selected through convenient and
snowball sampling techniques. The obtained responses were analysed statistically and presented
graphically. This exploratory sequential design of the research confirmed that Social Sciences
Researchers' textual competence is insufficient enough to maintain text cohesion and coherence
well. Therefore, these researchers find it very difficult to write-up their respective
dissertation/thesis. This study has implications for the future.

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