Impact of Marketing Strategies on Project Performance of Small and Medium Information Communication Technology Enterprises

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Dr. Wafaa J. Baqer


The study is focused on the assessment of the effectiveness of different marketing strategies in Small and Medium Sized
Enterprises (SMEs) in information communication technology in determination of success of their projects. For this, the research
adopted the quantitative approach of research for the assessment of impact of social media, paid advertisement, discount sales and
promotions (word of mouth) and then Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and websites. Relevant pieces of literature were
reviewed for the comprehension of relevant information. The primary data was collected by the use of survey method of data
collection which led to the development of in-depth statistical understanding of the resulting effects. From the adoption of
statistical method of data analysis, the result which were driven identified the social media and the Word of Mouth (WOM) have a
more significant relevance in the project success of SMEs in in information communication technology.

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