Indian Threats to Pakistan: Implications for Regional Security of South Asia

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Samia Majeed Hashmi


The paper primarily highlights the current condition of security challenges antagonized by the South Asia, mainly Pakistan.
Pakistan is facing different types of internal and the external dynamics of the threats currently. Pakistan survives in an
environment in which is facing internal and external challenges such as political, socio economic, energy crises, security, drone
attacks, suicide bombing and different other challenges. Query rises that what steps can be taken to improve the regional security
situation and how to shape joint trust and confidence between India and Pakistan? The external factor has also been important in
infuriating conflicts in the region thereby posturing serious security challenges. The outside intrusion also plays role in
aggravating domestic as well as regional conflicts. The South Asian region is facing serious safety intimidations due to the
growing extremism and terrorist activities within its states. Buzan’s Regional Security Complex theory has applied to define India
– Pakistan permanent rivalry created regional security complex. This rivalry has produced a ‘fear of each other’ that has disturbed
their common acuities and wedged their conduct.

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