The Level Of Positive Thinking And Its Relationship To The Level Of Behavioral Disorders Among Students Of Princess Alia University College

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DR. Nieveen Mohammad Abuzai


Thanks to his divine honor from the rest of creation by the grace of thinking, man carries the most powerful weapons of life within his mental skills, as he possesses what charges his energies in the face of crises to produce the words with which his forearm strengthens, and with which he strengthens himself, and combats the successive pressures on his being, which threaten our human being and our steadfastness Emotional, and our mental capabilities.

Thinking is the only mechanism that provides a person with the opportunity to control his world, bypassing various turns without side effects, and without changing directions or succumbing to negative solutions, when the forces that paint the image of our strength coming from the inside through Positive thinking are weakened (Kattami et al., 2017).

Scott W. believes that Positive thinking is the drive to reach the best, as it is the secret behind the highest achievement and promotes the work environment with openness, honesty and confidence, and since the behaviors of the individual are a reflection of all his convictions and all that highlights his vision and thinking, so it determines our balance of the health

Behavioral disorders appears in the logical analysis to be the result of frustrating situations, and the non-positive thinking practiced by the individual, which leads him to a lower level of performance, and it involves under one of the different classifications of Behavioral disorders according to what he practices from the performance that reflects his intellectual lack of preparation, his tendency to aggression or

Isolation and indifference are the effects of abnormal thinking on an individual's behavior.

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