Suggestibility and its relationship to the attitudes of basic ninth grade students of distance learning in private schools in Amman

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Dr. Nieveen Mohammad Abuzeid Asma Salah Ahmed Abdel Fattah


     This study aims to identify the relationship between the suggestibility and the attitudes of ninth grade students towards distance learning, in the private schools of the Directorate of Special Education of the Capital Governorate. In four available private schools, the study sample consisted of (380) male and female students who completed the ninth grade using distance learning during the Corona crisis, with a percentage of (3.4) from the study population, and after applying the tools and statistical treatment, the study concluded that the suggestibility to libido was at an average rate on the scale as a whole and decreased In some areas, the trend towards distance learning was positive, and the study recommends training educators and teachers to invest in suggestibility to push students to learn and achieve achievement and influence their behaviors. The study also recommended paying attention to this age group and conducting more research and studies on psychological phenomena and the possibilities that can be invested. To support this critical age period.



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