The effectiveness of Instructional Software in Addressing the Impact of COVID 19 on 10th Grade Studentsí Achievement in Biology in Jordan

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Hamzeh Abdelfattah Al-Assaf and Fadi Abdul Raheem Odeh Bani Ahmad


The study aims to explore the effectiveness of instructional software in addressing the impact of COVID 19 on 10th-grade students achievement in Biology in Jordan. In this study, the researchers adopt the quasi-experimental approach. The study members consist of (60) female students from the 10th-grade student at Al-Khansaa Secondary School for Girls in Jerash Governorate in Jordan during the second semester 2019/2020. Two groups are purposely selected, one experimental consisting of (30) female students taught using an instructional software method, and the other is a control group consisting of (30) female students taught in the traditional method. To achieve the objectives of the study, an achievement test and instructional software are prepared. The results of the study show that there is a statistically significant difference between the arithmetic means of the two groups at the level of significance (? = 0.05) on the post-achievement test for the benefit of the experimental group. The study recommends holding training courses for Biologys teachers so that they are qualified to design, produce and use instructional software and rely on instructional software to increase the effectiveness of the instructional process and effective learning to face challenges in the future, including COVID-19.

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