Factors Affecting the Mindfulness among Undergraduate Students of Faculty of Education in a Public University

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Chanaporn Likhitleucha, Sucheera Phattharayuttawat, Woraphat Ratta-apha


This study aimed to investigate the effect of attachment, self-consciousness, and religious orientation on the mindfulness of Buddhist student teachers. A total of 347 participants were asked to complete a set of questionnaires. The results indicated significant correlations between the independent variables and each mindfulness component (awareness, r = -0.15 to 0.38; acceptance, r = -0.11 to -0.33), except for religious orientation. Private self-consciousness had the highest correlation with and significantly predicted mindfulness, by joining attachment avoidance in prediction 16% of variance of awareness (p < .001), and together with the attachment anxiety accounted for 15% of variance of acceptance (p < .001). The findings can be used as basic information to enhance mindfulness among the student teachers.

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