The Effectiveness Of Using The Historical Story In The Achievement And Critical Thinking For Intermediate Stage Students In In Social Studies For The Second Intermediate Grade

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Assistant.Prof. Dr. AbdMuhammed Ghaidan Al-Dulaimi


The current research aims to identify the effectiveness of the historical story in the achievement
and critical thinking of middle school students in social studies for the second intermediate
grade. In order to achieve the objectives of the research, the sample was chosen. The sample
consisted of Al-Ramadi, which is (IbnZaidoun Intermediate School for Boys), the number of
students in the school for the second intermediate grade is (64) students. They are divided into
two divisions (32) students in the experimental division (A) and (32) students in the control
division (B), Equivalence was conducted between the two research groups in (previous
information, intelligence test, chronological age calculated in months for students, academic
achievement of parents, scores of the before critical thinking test). The study topics that will be
studied during the trial period were identified and behavioral objectives were formulated from
the topics from the three chapters (third, fourth and fifth) of the social book scheduled for the
academic year 2018-2019 in the second semester. The formulated behavioral objectives reached
(119) behavioral objectives. Two tests were prepared, one of which measures achievement, a
component of (40) objective items (multiple choice), The other measures the achievement of
critical thinking, consisting of (20) paragraphs. The paragraphs were distributed on the critical
thinking skills to the five, and each skill consisted of 4 positions, and each position consisted of
three answers. The researcher used statistical methods and using the Excel 2010 program, and
the results showed the superiority of the abstract group over the control group in the achievement
and critical thinking tests at the level of 0.05 in favor of the experimental group.

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