Life satisfaction of teachers from pre-school andelementary education in the context of personality traits,sociodemographic factors, and factors related to schooland teaching

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Mária D?dová, Na?a Bizová and Gabriel Baník


The study examines the life satisfaction of teachers in the context of selected sociodemographic factors, factors related to teaching and school, and personality traits. In 163 pre-school and elementary school teachers, life satisfaction was measured by Life Satisfaction Questionnaire and personality traits by NEO-FFI Personality Inventory. In the sociodemographic variables, were not found any significant predictor of life satisfaction. In the variables related to school, was found that teacher from church schools have slightly higher life satisfaction than teachers from public or private schools. Also was found that teachers who are not being as head of class have lower life satisfaction. In the context of personality traits were found that neuroticism is the strong predictor of life satisfaction of teachers

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