The Role of Teachers in Fostering Learners’ Autonomy in Classrooms: A study of KPK Universities

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Ms. Sama Sareer, Mr. Mubashir Ahmad, Dr. Akbar Ali


The aim of the present study is to discover the role played by a teacher in fostering learners’
autonomy. The problem was explored by teachers’ questionnaire and observations of the
classrooms of those teachers who participated in the study. The investigation was directed
with 54 teachers of the departments of English Abdul Wali Khan University Mardan, Hazara
University Mansehra, Abbotabad University of Science and Technology and Bacha Khan
University Charsadda. The nature of the data collected was both qualitative and quantitative.
The purpose of the present study was to find out the role played by a teacher in developing
and promoting learners’ autonomy. The analysis of the questionnaires revealed that the
teachers have a positive attitude towards promoting learners’ autonomy and they trusted that
understudies ought to be associated with choices making process. However, during
observations of the classrooms, it was found out by the researcher that in some classes
students were not given the opportunity to make decisions regarding learning. In some
classes, it was completely learner-centered approach being applied while in some classes it
was teacher-centered. In conclusion, although all the teachers agreed that learners’ autonomy
should be fostered in classrooms. The teachers tried to promote learners autonomy in the
classroom but they still needed a lot to work on it.

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