Work stress syndrome among public health employee "An exploratory study in some public hospital institutions in Algiers and Ouargla"

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Abdelmalih Nekbil, Allouti Achour, Hacini Ammar, Benkihoul Mohamed


The study aims to detect the level of occupational psychological stress among a sample of public health workers in some public hospital institutions, and also aimed to identify the extent to which the gender variable and years of professional experience affect their level of occupational stress. To achieve the objectives of the study, a questionnaire was used. It includes three dimensions (administrative, technical, personal, and psychological pressures, as well as pressures related to place and equipment), and this study was applied to a sample of 82 employees in some public hospital institutions in the state of Algiers and Ouargla. The study found that:

  • The level of occupational stress among health employees is very high.

  • The level of occupational stress in an employee does not vary according to gender and years of professional experience.

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