Obstacles to Extracurricular Activities from the Perspectiveof Primary School Directors )A field study : Primary schools in the state of Laghouat(

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Ahmad Benhorma, Atallah Benyahia


The Ministry of National Education has been working to decrease the amount of cognitive content in the primary education curriculum at different levels since the 2011/2012 school year, in line with successful educational systems around the world that view reform as a dynamic and continuous process from inception to evaluation and modification. To ensure the comprehensive growth of pupils, the ministry has also placed more emphasis on promoting and developing extra-curricular, including sports, arts, and creativity.However, despite this attention, some indicators have emerged suggesting the presence of obstacles that prevent pupils from engaging in extra-curricular activities, which weakens their effectiveness in achieving their intended goals.Besides,identifying and overcoming the obstacles that impede the achievement of extra-curricular activities goals is crucial. As the researcher aimed to uncover these obstacles by gathering perspectives from the school directors who are active in the field

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