The Rorschach Comprehensive System as new perceptual perspective

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Loubna Seffari


John Axner develop a method that allowed the transformation of the ink stain test invented by the Swiss psychiatrist Hermann Rorschach in 1921 into a real psychological test and is characterized by psychometric properties of honesty and stability, and thus reduced the dominance of the theoretical background of the psychoanalytic school on the projective Rorschach test, which is one of the most famous and used psychological tests in the world in diagnosis and evaluation, which is what made the integrated system, enjoys a global reputation because it gave an empirical character. To analyze the results of the Rorschach, and thus became an indispensable tool that enables us to reach a comprehensive understanding of the psychological functioning of the individual in clinical psychology, through a number of valuable additions, which we mention among them the quality of development, formal quality and special cotations, and through the above, we try in this article to give the exact details related to the method of passing and the instructions used and its pointing.

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