Clash of Heritage and Modernity in Contemporary Arab Thought (Studying the prophetic biography at Hichem Djaït model)

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Abbassi Nawal


The topic of this paper is related to the clash of heritage and modernity in contemporary Arab thought, which is highlighted in the history of Arab-Islamic civilization as a human intellectual activity formulated in accordance with the spiritual and moral values that derive its effectiveness and continuity from the Islamic faith. Since the Prophet's biography is one of the most important pillars of Islam with the Holy Koran, we have chosen as a model for this thoughtful research Hisham Ja 'ait, who tried to present a new scientific reading of the Prophet's Bible based on mind, as well as through its reliance on a set of scientific curricula, the most important of which is the historical one. I tried to apply the critical analytical curriculum in order to obtain scientific findings related to Mohammed's biography and the formation of Islam. It follows modernist externalities and critical consideration of historical sources included in the conclusion as a conclusion showing heritage's relationship with modernity.

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