Cultural diversity and non-violence Content analysis for the first year of the civic education textbook

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Elmahi Leyla, Benkhira Mohammed Elamin


The aim of this study is to shed light on the axis marked by multiculturalism and its role in establishing a culture of peace, for the first-year intermediate civic education textbook, from the standpoint that the school and the textbook are the basic base for building culture and behavior in general for the student.

As the school is among the most important institutions of socialization that contribute to the development and development of the mental faculty of the individual as well as the acquisition of knowledge, it also helps him in the correct social integration in accordance with recognized social values.

In this study, we also relied on the content analysis technique of the aforementioned axis, through units and categories that achieve the objectives set in the school program on the one hand, in addition to the most important international principles aimed at consolidating a culture of peace and coexistence on the other hand.

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