Visual Intelligence and its Relationship to Cognitive Preference in Science Among Intermediate School Students

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Zaid Shaheed Al-Aboudi


The objective of this study is to identify the level of visual intelligence and its relationship to cognitive preference in science among intermediate school students. The current research was limited to a sample consisting of (150) in the governmental day schools affiliated to the Directorate of Education of Diwaniyah from the morning study. for the academic year (2022-2023), they were deliberately selected, and based on a proportional distribution. The researcher used the descriptive correlational research method, and to achieve the goals of the research, the researcher prepared two tools, the first tool (visual intelligence test), which in its final form consists of (15) items of the type (multiple choice) with three alternatives, The apparent validity and validity of the content were verified, and the difficulty coefficient, the discrimination coefficient, and the effectiveness of the alternatives for the objective items were extracted, and the stability of the test items was found using the internal consistency method (alpha-Cronbach coefficient). It reached (0.80), and the second tool (cognitive preference scale), which in its final form consists of (18) items distributed equally with three alternatives (always-sometimes-rarely) on the domains, namely:

The capacity for retention, meaning, linking, derivation, synthesis, the property of multiple modes of cognitive representation, and its apparent validity and constructive validity were verified, and the discriminatory powers of its paragraphs, and its stability was calculated using the internal consistency method (alpha-Cronbach coefficient), as the stability coefficient reached (0.77), The psychometric properties of the paragraphs of the two scales were confirmed to be ready for the final application, and the statistical bag for social sciences (SPSS) was used in data processing, and the research found a correlation between visual intelligence and cognitive preference

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