The duality of physical activity and air pollution; What is the effect of air pollution on practitioners' health?

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Mourad Hadj Ahmed, Mohamed Bougherbi


Many governments, organization, such as the World Health Organization, and scientists, are working on planning to raise the level of public health, and to combat many diseases that raise the death rate, by reducing the negative effects of air pollution, and increasing the level of physical activity that improves physical fitness and prevents many chronic non-communicable diseases. According to the current literature, researchers faced a dilemma related to physical activity during air pollution: "Does air pollution negate the benefits of physical activity?" The researchers differed in answering this question, but the majority indicated that air pollution does not negate the health benefits of physical activity, which prompted us to prepare this research paper to look at this dilemma by knowing physical activity, air pollution, and then linking physical activity during air pollution.

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