Family values in ancient Egyptian thought

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Soumia Chahbi, Belkacem Rahmani


Values are related to the civilized structure of society by reflecting the prevailing culture, they are based on the criteria that make the act right or wrong,  accordingly, this study highlights the features and characteristics of ancient Egyptian family values.

One of the most important things we have reached is that the ancient Egyptian based on determining family values on the theory of reward and punishment in the court of Osruris,  as well as a set of wise teachings and advice besides the authority of society, he saw the need to dye values with a religious character, otherwise, one would be misled by surrendering to desires. so he receives his worldly reward in his second life after death. This

resulted in the orientation of the values of the ancient Egyptian family to virtuous moral standards, which had a great impact on the maturity of ancient Egyptian thought.

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